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The Agency has today written to all local authorities in England, Wales and Northern
Ireland to tell them about local launches of the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS), its branding and other developments.

FHRS will help consumers choose where to eat out or shop for food by giving them information about the hygiene standards in restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, hotels, supermarkets, and other places they eat out and buy food.

As we have mentioned in other parts of this website, this is perhaps the most important part of getting the best rating possible. Besides from that, it is a legal requirement and if implemented properly can be crucial in beating any litigation – either from the Council or from a customer.

What are your options?  You could either use a system that:

  • the Food Standards Agency has developed.  The positives are that their systems are:
    • free!
    • Offer a good deterrent from the Council’s inspectors picking holes in your paperwork.  This is because it is a system devised by the Government.  In particular, some Councils may not like the Safer Food Better Business pack it, but they cannot legally stop you from using it.
    • In compliance with Article 5 (EC) 852/2004 of the Food safety laws when a business completes  and uses them properly 
  • You buy ‘off the shelf’ from a large insurance company or hygiene consultancy firm.  Their documents tend to be too generalised, overly complicated, weigh a fair bit and will normally cost you a three figure some!   So whilst the file may look impressive from the outside, you will not be in compliance with Article 5 if you do not implement the contents of the file completely.   And given some of the systems we see, it invariably becomes an impossible task for most businesses.
  • Machin & Toplass have devised.  We:
    •  Will not charge you the earth
    •  Will tailor a system specific to your needs.  It will be easy to use.
    • Make the text easy to read
    • Are confident of it being a system that both you and the inspector’s will like!  Our systems have been audited all over the Country by Council EHOs.  We would be very surprised if they find you in breach of Article 5 when you use our system
    • Provide a system that gives a better due diligence defence in law than the Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) system.  This gives you a better chance of defeating any criminal charges brought against you by the Council.  It also gives better protection in defending any civil claims from one of your customers

Click on the contacts page and either phone us or drop us an email.  We want to help you get your paperwork working for you and that keeps the inspectors happy!

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